WC2L Station
My current station is modest by some standards. As many hams do, my station has changed many times. I have had things from basic wires to my current station I have not had a lot of time to operate recently. I am in the process of trying to get my station a bit more ready to operate. This is always a work in progress.

Current radio: Elecraft K3S and Elecraft K3 with most upgrades!
Current Amplifiers: Acom 2000A  (waiting for new tubes) and RF-Kit RF2K+ 
Antennas: Cushcraft X9, XM-240, D3W, 75/80 bent vertical dipole, 160 bent vertical dipole all on on HF. The verticals are Don K2KQ design. Each antenna has a sperate feed. 
Rotors: Yaesu G-1000DXA with the Green Heron RT-21 Controller
Tower: Tristao TX-455 (currently a US Tower TX-455)
Tuners: TenTec 238 Tuner
Accessories I use a KK1L 2×6 antenna switch. This is a great SO2R or just a great switch for two radios on one antenna system. There are a couple of keyers and other items kicking around. I have tried to keep things simple but automated. There are a few other new projects on the near horizon.

I have three basic PCs for daily use. One is currently running Windows 10 (email and work), the next one is running Windows 10 for some ham radio stuff The packet node is currently running AR-Cluster v6 on a Windows 10. The WEB server is hosted by Scott KA9FOX at QTH.COM.

I have a WEB interface for those who want to monitor the packet cluster from the office.
WC2L Packet Cluster 
WC2L FT8 Only Packet Cluster
The packet cluster is in need of a new PC. It is in the near horizon. I have purchased the RedPitaya 122.88-16 SDR kit. I currently have been testing some antennas. Winter  is not quite the time of to do this kind of work.