OK, It is time for me to add one of my other hobbies to my page! I was an avid cyclist from school years through the my early 20s. I had a Takara with end shifters, custom wheels with latex tubular tires. I used to love the way they rode.

I picked up riding again about 10 yrs ago. Today I ride on 2010 Trek 2.3 Alpha. I have the triple crank instead of the compact configuration. This really shines on the long uphill climbs. I guess I learned something on those rides over Mendon Mountain in VT!! Purchased this at The Downtube Bicycle Works (Thanks Eric).

This is the first winter that I have gotten a trainer for my bike. I recently purchase a Cycleops JetFluid Pro! The virtual training is pretty cool too. It allows you to learn a lot about your riding!! When I added the Ant+ Speed & Cadence Sensor from PowerTap, it helped tie it all together. Saris Cycling Group really stands behind their product!!

One of the biggest changes to my bike is the saddle. A doctor asked me to pick up a more friendly saddle. Some great people at Elevate Cycles (Thanks Chris) helped me try a bunch of saddles and did a fitting at the time. Some were OK, but just could not hit the mark. I did some reading and found a saddle by John Cobb at Cobb Cycling! I settled on the Max.

Shoes, peddles and etc. have been also purchased at CK Cycles. Jeff and crew have been great!

As you can tell, I like to support my local bike shops. I have some loyalty to all of the ones mentioned. This is also helpful when you need something quickly and at a fair price. They may not always beat the big boys, but you get the service from them!

I will be adding more stuff as I go along. This was a quick add-on to get something up.