Welcome Welcome to the WEB site of Amateur Radio Station “WC2L”, William Liporace. The WEB site was created for simple information, links and resources for ham radio operators. I have had various WEB sites up. I have decided to try to create another one that will hopefully stay for a while. If you have any thing that you would like to added, let me know! This will be a work in progress.

The Ham Operator I was originally licensed as KB2HUN May 1989. There was a group of us that had taken a class at Hudson Valley Community College. I faily quickly go involoved in contesting and DXing. I had upgraded to Advanced in January 1997. I went for a vanity call in October 1997 when the flood gates opened up. I got the call NA2NA. This was a great Sweepstakes call, but not very good in DX contests. I had remained an Advanced operator till March 2007. In February 2007, I was golfing with a fellow ham friend (W2GDJ) in Florida. He mentioned that I should upgrade to Extra. So I picked up the study manual at a ham radio shop in Orlando,FL.. A couple of weeks after getting licensed, I decided to get a new vanity call. I wanted a call that would be good in WPX, sounded good on CW (not that I am good at it) & SSB. The other thing that I wanted was a call that had some meaning. My full initials was taken, I was able to get most of them in. The C is not my middle name. I am a member of the Albany Amateur Radio Association and the Yankee Clipper Contest Club. I have had two different QTHs since I have been licensed. The current location has been the nicer station, but I definitely operated more at the other QTH!

About Will We live in Niskayuna, NY. I have been happily married for 34 years and have a son! Lois and I work for NYS Appellate Division Third Dept. Nick is a teacher’s aide! One of my other great bitterest hobbies is golf! I spend as much time as possible to learn and play the game. I am not very good, but we have as much fun as possible. I have played mostly municipal courses, but have played some very nice courses. I grew up in Bethel, Vermont. It was great to grow up in a small town. The only downside was the lack of exposure to amateur radio. I went to Whitcomb High School. After high school, I was very fortunate to make a living in the food service industry. Through amateur radio, I got very interested in computers. My career with my last food service company, led me to the computer field. I am now working in a NYS agency as a network administrator. William is a Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) for NetWare 6 & GroupWise. I am working for the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division Third Department. I also do network and computer consulting as well. I have gotten involved with computers and networking since I have been a ham. It has been fun!! Most of my time is spent working with Active Directory. I also do some work in Linux, but I have limited Unix/Limited knowledge. I guess I do not do too bad! I am also a member of the West Albany Italian Benevolent Society and the Polish American Citizens Club (Albany, NY). I have been members of both clubs for many years. I do help maintain the WAIBS web site. We have recently had some help up grading the site. Hopefully this will help the business.

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